Amazon Fire TV Stick as a digital signage player



  • Cheap (~$25-$40 based on current promotions)
  • Comes with a remote/controller and Alexa voice remote based on the version
  • Good app store especially compared to the Samsung Smart TV or Roku walled gardens.
  • Suitable as a signage player at restaurants, stores or other locations where it’s easy to restart the device if for any reason the app gets halted.


  • Device crashes especially when long running video is involved. 
  • For long running apps like a signage player, they sometimes get interrupted by Amazon device or app updates.  
  • Not suitable for use in situations where the player is left running continuously for multiple months or even years.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick provides great value as a digital signage player. It’s cheap, our “Bulletin Views” app provides a free digital signage player option, and if you are looking for paid options there are quite a few out there too.

Given our testing, it works great for digital signage content that’s entirely images. However, if your digital signage use case involves situations where there is a ton of video content, we have seen issues with hard to detect memory leaks that ultimately crashes the device in 2-3 weeks. These issues seem pervasive given the chatter on the Fire TV Stick developer blogs. That’s a long enough period of time that in most use cases like in a restaurant or in a retail store it’s easy enough to restart the app.

However, if the player is set up at a location that’s not serviced frequently it could be problematic. In that case the Google Chromebit presents a better choice, however that device presents it’s own set of problems. That’s going to be covered in the next post.

Additional Links/Resources:

Amazon Fire TV Developer Blog

PS: To upload content to run via the Bulletin Views app, you need to setup an account through our website. It’s free and takes 10 minutes to get started.



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