Google Chromebit as a digital signage player



  • Cheap but roughly double the price of the Fire TV Stick (~$80 vs $25-$40)
  • More storage (16 GB vs. 8 GB) and memory (2 GB versus 1.5GB) compared to the Fire TV Stick
  • Runs the Chrome Browser
  • Remote management capacity that’s useful in large institutional settings (but useless for 99.9% of people)


  • No way to run custom apps on the device – Google software only
  • Doesn’t come with a remote or keyboard to permit operating the device.
  • Have to additionally buy a wireless mouse or keyboard to operate the Chromebit.
  • For use as a kiosk, Google licensing costs drive up the monthly overhead of using the device.

The Google Chromebit as a digital signage player is expressly designed for an institutional setting. If you have dozens of screens installed that need to be remotely run and managed – it’s the way to go.

To enable the remote management you need to set up licenses through Google and pay them a monthly fee. If you don’t have the remote management up and running, with each Chromebit  you need to buy a  wireless USB mouse to plug into the Chromebit to be able to operate it.

Using a Chromebit for your digital signage doesn’t make sense if you are a restaurant looking to set up a menu board or a street facing TV running some promotional flyers. Our Bulletin Views app for the Fire TV Stick is the better way to go. Or, if your Smart TV has an internet browser, you can run our digital signage screens by simply accessing an URL on it.

Alright, now you finally have the Chromebit plugged into your TV and up and running. How do you run your digital signage screen that you created on theBulletin platform?

It’s easy.

  • Open Chrome browser and install the full screen plugin
  • Visit
  • Enter your Screen ID and full-screen the browser using the plugin.
  • That’s it!

Honestly, if your Smart TV has a built in browser you don’t even need a Chromebit or Fire TV Stick. In that case all you need to do it –

  • Open your Smart TV browser
  • Visit
  • Enter your Screen ID and usually the browser will go to full-screen after a couple of seconds.
  • That’s it!

Happy Communicating!

PS: To upload content to run as digital signage via the screens url, you need to setup an account through our website. It’s free and takes 10 minutes to get started. It’s perfect for menu boards at restaurants, street facing display signage or a lobby TV running building announcements.



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