Setting up your TV as a digital billboard is a no-brainer


Whether you manage a restaurant, residential building, retail store, church, or community organization one of the biggest challenges you face is communication.

You can email them, but if any of them are like me, they receive upwards of 50 emails a day. You can print out brochures or information booklets, but it’s not cheap. Obviously, you can enter the Google Pay-Per-Click / Facebook morass but the key challenge there is targeting. Your message is valuable to only a tiny sliver of their users, and if you don’t identify and reach them accurately, you are wasting time and money. You might run a great gym but a Facebook ad seen by someone 3 neighborhoods away isn’t going to have them rushing to join.

The cheapest most effective way to improve communication is at your place of business

  • If someone is already at your store, why not give them reasons to visit again or buy more?
  • If you pay top dollar for that high traffic commercial space, why not communicate better through that street facing window?
  • If you manage a 250 unit residential buildings, doesn’t it get old going around posting flyers all over the property?

The solution is free and easy. Setup a TV on theBulletin platform so you can remotely post flyers to it. These flyers can communicate some of the key messages that you want your audience to know. We support both video and images, so it’s an easy way to reuse a lot of the content you probably currently post on social media.

What do you need to get started?

  • An account with so you can create your screens, and schedule image and video posts to those screens.
  • A TV or tablet at a high traffic prime location
  • An internet browser – many TVs now come bundled with one
  • Or a Fire TV Stick – to run our Bulletin Views app.

It’s free. It’s going to help you. You have nothing to lose.


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