Community communication can be made fun and easy (email is NOT the answer)


We’ve spoken to countless property managers and the conversation with them usually goes like this –

Us: How do you reach your residents?

PM: Email. We email blast them a couple of times a week.

Us: Now, how many emails a day do you get?

PM: Probably 50-100.

Us: How many of those emails do you actually open and read through?

PM: Probably 15 or 20.

Us: Given this, do you think your residents are any different in reading their emails?

PM: Hmm. Probably not.

Email blasts are not the way to go. Many buildings today already have beautifully designed lobbies, lounge areas and other amenities – most of which come with TVs.

Why not use these TVs as a communication tool to show well designed flyers?

  • It’s organic.
  • It’s going to get a resident’s attention in a natural non-intrusive way.
  • With theBulletin platform – it’s free and easy to setup.

Do you want to continue to add to the email mess?


Or, run something like this on a TV in the community?


The answer is simple. Our free platform is perfect for converting any TV into a community communication tool. Remotely manage your flyers. Additionally, you can generate income by inviting nearby restaurants and bars to show promotional flyers. It’s information the residents want to know and an audience the restaurant or bar wants to reach. Everyone’s a winner – except maybe that TV that now has to do real work instead of being switched off all day.

Visit us at to learn more.




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