The Streeter uses it’s TVs as a visual tool to build community


That’s making me hungry.

Well, that’s what residents see on their TV in the lobby as they exit the elevators. It visually connects with residents in a way that paper flyers cannot.

Then after 10 seconds the residents see this :Outdoor Easel PRINT

Cupitol Coffee, an independent coffee shop a block away, advertises to residents at The Streeter through theBulletin platform. It picks and chooses when it wants the content to run on the lobby TV, and pays for it literally by the hour.

It helps Cupitol Coffee reach it’s core customers, the residents see something they actually might be interested in seeing, and The Streeter makes a bit of additional income in the process. It’s cheap, targeted and effective. Everyone’s a winner – except Facebook!

theBulletin is a unique way to connect your local community – it’s easy to setup and comes with no strings attached. If you are a property manager, or are looking to advertise, talk to us – now! I mean now!

Visit our website at

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