Property managers! Save time and make money with

savetimeandmoney allows you to community-source your announcements about neighborhood specials, deals or any special events. Less emails for you to create, more community content for your residents to enjoy. 

What does that mean?

A local business will directly post their post updated offer on your TV screens without you having to receive emails, send emails or spend time and energy being the middleman (or woman) for that offer.

A local community organization (say a Chamber of Commerce) can directly post information about the upcoming street-fest and neighborhood wine walk.

The local music venue can let your residents know about the really really cool and edgy comic who’s going to be in residence next week.

What does that mean for your residents?

They feel a stronger sense of local community. They are more likely to be clued into the neighborhood, and less likely to move.

What does that mean for you?

Less time on emails. Your residents love their neighborhood and have no plans to move. Which means better tenant retention, and you save a lot of money on all those broker commissions. Also, yeah the kicker is that you get a share of the advertising revenue on your TVs as well.

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