is selected for Startup-Alley at the National Restaurant Association’s annual convention!


As restaurants around the country increasingly move towards digital menu boards, our platform provides a free alternative to all our paid (and overpriced) competitors. The National Restaurant Association recognizes our innovative technology in selecting us to be featured in the Startup-Alley track at it’s annual convention.

  • Use to setup as many TVs as you want, all for free, and manage them remotely from any computer, or even your phone.
  • Have menus switch automatically between say breakfast and lunch.
  • Schedule your weekly specials in one go, and have specific content run at specific days and times.

Not just that, you can market your menu specials in the neighborhood. Run targeted ads (e.g. run ‘Come over for Tuesday Trivia’ on Tuesday nights) on TVs at local residential buildings, gyms, offices or anywhere at all. Reach your customers where they live, work and work-out! The advertising is cheap, targeted and helps you reach your customers when you want, where you want.

Here’s the kicker – you have the option to setup a new revenue stream by accepting local ads on your TVs. Help the neighborhood pet store or apartment building reach your customers, and get paid in the process. Did we say, this was optional? We know not every restaurant might want to run ads in-venue.

It will take you no more than 30 minutes to get your account and TV setup. Visit us at


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