Edgewater and Uptown residents stay updated on neighborhood events with theBulletin.io

How great would it be if TVs in the neighborhood had information about local events and news that YOU actually cared about? Well, that fantastic future has now arrived.

The Edgewater Chamber of Commerce, Uptown Chamber of Commerce and Streeterville News reach local residents through TVs at local apartment buildings, offices, gyms, and anywhere at all. It’s completely free – so if you are a local community organization – you should contact us and setup your account.

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Do you have a location with a TV? Show local and relevant content by setting it up on theBulletin.io. It’s free and you could make some additional revenue from local ads. Our platform is used inside residential and commercial buildings, restaurants, gyms, churches, offices and literally anywhere at all!

Do you need to market your product or service to local residents? Well, it’s really easy to do so through our website. Pick your locations, pick your times, upload your ad and pay by the hour – get started for as little as 10$ for roughly a month of targeted advertising.


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