Engage your residents with neighborhood news and events (it’s free)

We’ve listened to you and now produce a stream of in-house content curated by neighborhood – street fests, farmers markets, movies in the park, music festivals – all the cool neighborhood stuff you wish your residents knew. It’s one less thing your resident co-coordinator needs to do.

Don’t let that lobby TV or elevator TV or leasing office TV be boring –  it takes less than 30 minutes to set your TV up on TheBulletin.

Shown below is a sample slide:


Email us at feedback@thebulletin.io for a free demonstration and setup on TheBulletin.

Do it now!

Don’t let your $100 million property with top of the line amenities have TVs that are as exciting as wallpaper. We can make your TVs vibrant, local and relevant – for free.

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